24 January 2011

Tutorial How to set Modem Gateway Using nowsms

Again I gave the tutorial article for all my friends who want to send sms in large quantities, mobile phone, which you use is usually only able to send sms to a 10-12 numbers purpose while using NowSMS Gateway we can send sms  to multiple destination number by one click Submit only. How is his way of modem settings? immediately wrote we discuss below:

1. Plug in a USB modem that you have input into the PC Computer CDMA card, for type of modem that I use WCDMA 3G HSDPA WIRELESS MODEM
2. Install your modem drivers first. If the modem is already in the plug, but the SETUP does not appear automatically, let you see in My Computer and in the partition drive then there will emerge a new drive other than C and D. Then click the new drive and click SETUP.
3. Futhermore Download NowSMS Gateway software it here.
4. Extract the files .rar which we downloaded earlier, and also extract all files .rar contained within his folder Nowsms Gateway.
5. Then double click snsm28a.part1 dan next click Setup.exe
6. In the installation software will ask for Serial Numbers, select Install with a purchased serial number. See the picture below:

 7. Then came the question Do you already have this activation code? select Yes. See the picture below:

8. Furthermore, the contents of the requested serial number code, with generating the right code is the serial number in keygen.exe contained in the folder NowSMS Gateway earlier. copy the code from the Installation Reference Code and paste it into keygen.exe then click the Generate Activation Code. After you generate and copy the code that appears below the Activation Code and paste it into the installation before then click OK. See the picture below:

9. Completed the installation, then click the Start Menu - Programs - Nowsms - Now SMS Gateway, then the application will appear. See the picture below:

10. Click Add then select GSM Phone or Modem and click OK.
11. Next select WCDMA 3G Modem Port then click Test and Add Modem (Modem PIN in clear only) then appeared Modem Successfully Tested! See the picture below:

12. After that click on the Service then check the columns in the SMS Gateway Service and the MMSCService . Then the SMSC / MMSC status when "All Connection OK" please try browsing (Mozilla, IE, etc.) using the IP address of your computer PC with port 8800 (Example: http://192.168.xx.xx:8800). See the picture below:

If the media browser appeared as the last picture above, then you can send sms to multiple destination number without the limits prescribed by one click Submit only. 


how to use nowsms via smpp?

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